Learn CSS for Squarespace 7

Learn CSS for Squarespace 7


Learn CSS for Squarespace 7 is a seven-chapter introduction to working with CSS on the Squarespace platform. The book is delivered as a PDF file that is readable from any Windows or Mac – or even Linux! -- computer. A complimentary sample chapter is available. Try before you buy.

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BUY THIS BOOK! I can’t recommend it highly enough. It will empower you to tweak your SS site with some easy - it will be eventually - CSS changes.
— Chuck Williams on Answers.Squarespace.com

Learn everything you need to begin writing custom CSS rules to add personal touch and flair to your Squarespace website. The largest category of questions on the Squarespace Answers forum are those asking for help in CSS. Knowing it is the difference between creating a bland and cookie-cutter website that isn’t quite what you want, and creating a site that’ll stand out and be all that you hope for.

Sample Chapter! Check it out before you buy. Download the introduction and Chapter 2 with my compliments. Make sure the content is useful first. Then buy the rest and enjoy!

I love solving CSS problems. I’ve long history in databases writing SQL queries. The same thought processes that are good in SQL are equally good in CSS. My favorite aspect of CSS is how we can use it in connection with HTML to describe how we want our content to appear, and then the browser takes care of “making it so”. There is so much that can be done in just those two languages, and it is so much fun to add spark to a website and solve a design problem through just one or two lines of CSS.

I purchased the book and it’s wonderful - really helpful and unlocked some mysteries for me.
— Jason B., Designer, Los Angeles

Learn CSS for Squarespace 7 is written for those without knowledge of HTML and CSS. Now I won’t lie! You’ll need some comfort in working with technology, and especially in digging behind the scenes into what makes a website and your browser tick. It’ll help a lot if you’re a fast-learner. 

Some will read this book and prefer afterward to hire their CSS work done. And that’s ok! But if you get through this book and begin to practice what it teaches, I think I can promise that you’ll find writing CSS rules to be fun, and empowering. You’ll have an amazing amount of control over your Squarespace website. You’ll learn and experiment, and find plenty of new design tweaks to use in setting your site apart and making it distinctively your own.


The Author

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for creating your book. It’s been so helpful, and I’ve learned so much already. Your book is a real treasure.
— Michael Startzman (michaelstartzman.com)